A project I created throughout the spring and completed in early May 2020.

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Written in the context of late April 2020:

While there are usually endless options of things to do, people to be with, places to go, those of us who are able to stay at home may find ourselves in a sudden solitude. We may return to past comforts. We may more actively seek out new sources of joy. We may learn new ways and forms of loving, recognize those we cannot be without, and connect with those we haven’t before. We may finally have the courage to look to ourselves for inspiration: to discover, explore, and perform the selves of our imagination. We may finally create the things envisioned before, despite and because of new restrictions.

Finally, we may realize we are much more capable of adapting than we previously thought. We may learn that, in a way, there are still as many endless options, just in different forms.

Astoria is fashion that strives for the self one imagines, while never straying too far from one’s roots. The “In Bloom” issue is about celebrating spring, even if from indoors. It is inspired by hometown spring colors and bringing them inside. It is about play, reconnecting with past selves, and continuing self formation. Spring 2020 is nostalgia, (re)discovery, experimentation.

a ladder can be a tripod,
and spring can bloom indoors.

Q&A with the Creators of ‘Astoria‘”

Alyssa Tirrell, The Davidsonian, August 7, 2020.

“Let’s start off by talking about where this whole project started. I know some of the photos were taken at different times and it all came together recently. Could y’all talk about…